League of Legends – The Best Free MOBA Game Online

Are you looking for a great free MOBA game online? Well let me tell you about League of Legends(LoL). I have now been playing LoL for over 3 months and I have to say it is one of the funnest video games I have played yet, and I have played a LOT of video games.

The premise in LoL is similar to most other MOBA (multiplayer online battle arena) games. Basically you join a team of 3-5 players, choose a champion, and then fight it out against another team of 3-5 players on a map where the objective is normally to push your way through the enemies defenses and into their base. A game generally takes between 20-40 minutes and if you have played a RTS(real time strategy) game before then the controls and in-game interface will look very similar to you.

Each champion has different strengths, weaknesses, and abilities so there are a lot of different possibilities when you are choosing who to play. A lot of champions also have powers that affect other champions so you can even base your champion around supporting the rest of the champions on your team. Finally you boost your champions statistics by buying items during the match so you get to customize your champion further and really boost up the areas where you want to be strong in be it defense, attack, speed, or many others.

There are a lot of MOBA games available online and many of them are free, but LoL really stands out as the best free MOBA game online for several reasons. First it is actually and truly free. A lot of free games advertise themselves as free but then either confer in game advantages on paying members or allow them access to areas that people who don’t pay cannot get to. However in LoL everyone has an equal advantage no matter how much each of you have paid for the game. The only thing money will get you is a new look (skin) for your character which definitely be cool but will not confer any kind of in game advantage.

LoL also has the best community support of any free MOBA game online. I have tried all the MOBA games available and none of them have developers as responsive to their communities as Riot. Riot regularly makes changes in-game based off of what the users have been saying in the forums. They are also constantly introducing new content for the game. For example they design and release a new champion about every 3 weeks which keeps the game from getting old and stale.

Finally LoL is ridiculously fun to play. The controls are very simple and its easy to get hooked right off the bat. However there is a lot of depth to the game as well which makes it very fun to play for a long time afterwards.

The Best Games Are Played For Free

As you earlier browsed the internet and searched for new games to play, you surprisingly discovered that these days, online VG entertainment has been immensely well-known to people of different ages from all over the world. A lot of people have been hooked to online strategy games because of the entertainment and interaction you get from it. A lot of people have actually spent a lot of time and even money just to play online games. And sad to say, a lot of people have in fact, wasted a lot of money to pay for a mere game.

Computer gaming has evolved rapidly – from the simple pixelated graphic games to the powerful 3D rendered games. Most online strategy games have beautiful and realistic graphics which the players find very appealing and engaging. Most of these games are really fantastic, amusing, and entertaining. Games like these are found all over the internet. You may hit upon ridiculous games that actually require payment in order to play, some games ask for only a few bucks, but most of games can be played for free.

The best games are played for free. So why pay? Free strategy online games can be found almost anywhere on the internet. Playing free online games is a great way to ease and alleviate stress. It is another way to relax and spend your spare time. These games allow you to enjoy gaming without wasting even a single cent. You can actually have the opportunity to play them with other people globally without worrying about any fees.

Free online strategy games are not only entertaining but it’s also highly motivating because it allows you to exercise your brain. It allows you to stir your mind as you venture on new levels and new adventures of the game. Online strategy games can be played against a computer or an AI, and you may choose from different difficulty levels: Easy, Medium or Hard. But a strategy game is best played against other people as it tests your thinking ability and strategy-building skills. Moreover, playing online strategy games allow you to connect to other people from around the globe. Have fun sharing your game experiences as you play with or against other people online. Make friends, create a group, and have a rival as you play. Free online strategy will never get you bored because of the interaction you get from playing.

Free online games of strategy can provide you the same services of what paid online games have to offer. So, why would you bother spending your money for a game when you can actually play one for free?

So for those who love challenges, those who dream to be tacticians, or those who just wanted to enjoy a game, hundreds and even thousands of great online strategy games await you on different websites. The internet has the widest selection of strategy games online for free; it’s up to you which game you choose.

What Are the Best Games Online?

There are so many high quality games popping up online that it can be difficult to decide which ones you want to pay for and which ones can be left for another day. Following is a quick overview of some of the best games in existence. This is only the very top of the mountain of what can be found online today. You will have to do a bit of exploring to find the exact games you find the most exciting. This list will just give you an idea of what is out there.

Lord of the Rings Online (LOTRO)

What would it feel like to save the world through your own bravery and skill? What is it like to go through life as a dwarf? These are just some of the questions that can be answered when you immerse yourself in this online game offered by the creators of the Lord of the Rings movies. You get to pick what species your character is from and set out to show your bravery in a rich world designed to resemble the world seen in the movies.

There is a fee for playing this game, but you can start completely free. They allow you to venture through more than 60 levels before you are required to give up the credit card digits to continue on. This is one of the more adventurous online games that have caught the attention of many adults and teenagers.

Sim Country

Sims was once a novel concept that had the world intrigued, but it quickly turned into something younger kids and teenagers liked best. The concept is that you can create an online identity based on who you really are or who you just wish you were. You can set up your own rooms, homes, get a job, and even mingle with other personalities online. You could basically have a second life based online.

There are many different Sims games operating online, but none are like Sim Country. This game places you as the president of your own country. You start out with a small population with a reasonable economy and your choices decide where you take that country. You can virtually sink or sail this land of yours. You can run your people off or you can draw in millions of additional people. It’s all based on your decisions.

If you ever thought being President was easy, you might want to play this game before you stick your neck out there for a real-world nomination.

Eve Online

If you’re interested in gaming with other people from around the world, you will find everything you crave plus more with Eve. This game has more than 300,000 players at this point and all of those players are on one massive server so they can play against one another around the clock. The game transports all players to the same virtual galaxy where they team up, battle on another, and ultimately form a growing community of passionate gamers.

Like many other interactive online games today, there is an other-world quality to this game that allows players to escape their life and immerse in another world.

Do you see something you like here? If not, don’t give up on gaming online. There are many other games where these came from.